Saturday, December 11, 2010

Best Free Advice for a DUI Charge

The best free advice anyone can get if charged with Driving Under The Influence is to engage a lawyer, an attorney, who knows what he or she is doing as soon as possible: A lawyer|attorney who has extensive experience, and study and class certification in DUI defense.  At Prater & Associates we have established a clear, successful and relatively inexpensive system, not a cheap system, for evaluating a DUI case.  From the beginning we immediately engage an FST [field sobriety test(ing)] expert to pour over the video film with us and participate in evaluating the correct path to take to successfully defend the case.  Engaging an expert early on is a critical step.  By law a Lawyer cannot testify in a case and defend it too.  We are either the defendant's lawyer or we are an expert witness, but we cannot be both.  When a Law Enforcement Officer comes to Court in uniform and testifies to his or her special training you had better have an expert witness to dispute what the arresting officer is saying.  Cross examining the arresting officer is only a part of the equation, a counter witness is almost always a must.  In addition to having a team on your side, a properly trained attorney will review the dozens of issues in every  DUI charge, any one of which could be the key to successfully ending the case justly in favor of someone accused.  DUI is a technical offense, not a common law crime, and as a result the Court requires that prosecution of every technical offense dot every "i" and cross every "t" to go forward.  For this reason some DUI "specialists" argue that no general practitioner is good enough to handle a DUI case.  I agree.  A general practitioner is probably not who you want to represent you in a DUI charge.  Who you want is a trial lawyer who knows what he or she is doing.  We are Trial lawyers and we know what we are doing.  Prater & Associates are well versed in Courtroom proceedings and trials.  Any real trial lawyer who has had the special training needed and has a long list of successful outcomes over years representing people accused of DUI violation(s) is approved.  Call us today to represent you 770-253-7778 or email us by going to our website by clicking PRATLAW